May 15th, The Day The Earth Stood Still

We have an exciting month of releases ahead of us, with 2 popular games sharing a set release on May 15th!

First off is Yugioh, with its latest core set, Crossed Souls. With support for 20 different deck themes, Crossed Souls aims to make a huge impact on the Yugioh meta game, featuring not only familiar faces like Yang Zing and Satellarknights, but also new surprises like Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Speaking of Satellarknights, Tellarknight Ptolemaeus has an amazing effect that lets it “Rank-Up” into any non “Number” Rank 5 XYZ, which will make it a valuable asset to Rank 4 decks (Ptolemaeus does not require tellarknight materials to summon).

Next we have Weiss Schwarz, with the first Booster for Kancolle. With powerful anti-cancel and search effects, Kancolle has been steamrolling the competition in the Japanese meta, so it will be interesting to see the impact it has on the English meta. Important cards to look for are Hatsukaze, 7th Kagero-class Destroyer who can effectively prevent any damage for a turn and Hibiki, 2nd Akatsuki-class Destroyer who has a powerful anti heal ability.

Finally, we have the first 3 Boosters of the Grimm cluster appearing in the Canadian debut of Force of Will. For the first time ever, players can construct their own decks based on the various creatures of myth and folklore, from the evil Dracula (and his opposite, Alucard) to the candy loving duo of Hanzel & Gretel. Force of Will has been gaining an extensive following in Italy and North America, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it sell out quickly. Force of Will hits Canada on May 22nd.

All of the above can be found for pre-order here. We are very excited to experience the new set releases with everyone and hope to see more of these exciting releases soon!

Dylan Hunt

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Dylan also manages the day to day administration of the webstore and server.

He enjoys playing Yugioh, Force of Will, Caster Chronicles and Weiss Schwarz.
Dylan Hunt

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