Zero The Magus of Null, Force of Will Strategy Article

Hello everyone. I’m Dylan Hunt, and this is the first strategy article I’m writing for Force of Will. I’m hoping to make a series of articles looking at cards that have a lot of potential and don’t see much play. With Force of Will being a new game with a rapidly growing and expanding tournament scene, there is plenty of potential in cards that haven’t seen wide-scale play. Today I will be focusing my attention of one of the first members of the Six Sages, an archetype of Quickcast Resonators of each attribute.

E-MPR-090To start, lets take a brief view of the card. Zero has the quick-cast ability, which allows you to cast it as a summon spell any time you would be able to cast an instant. When you cast Zero from your hand (including by Quickcast), you will trigger its enter ability, which will reduce the ATK and DEF of all resonators your opponent controls. These abilities combined can allow Zero to be used either offensively as a field wipe on weak resonators such as Cheshire Cat and Gretel, or defensively to lower the ATK of an opposing resonator when they battle yours. Quickcast on its own is a useful ability, allowing you to play around cards like Law of Silence by casting on your opponents turn.

Beyond its initial abilities, Zero has a few card designed to work with it. Those cards are Void Blast and Phantasm of Void.



Phantasm of Void is a 300/300 resonator with a cost of 1 dark Will, but if you control Zero, it can be cast for 0 instead. This gives the flexibility of using it as a regular 1 drop early game, but very potent swarm capability later on when you can play Zero. Void Blast is an Instant that can remove a resonator from the game at the cost of 2 dark Will and 1 Will of any color. Like Phantasm of Void, Void Blast is significantly cheaper with Zero on board, dropping to a single dark Will to cast.

So you have a Quickcast that can drain the field of your opponent and the power of swarm and removal, but how do you tie it all together? Cinderella, the Ashen Maiden allows you to easily nuke your opponents board by banishing resonators you control, which is even better when combined with Zero’s ability to reduce the defense of opposing resonators. Things get even better when you factor in the ability to swarm your field at no Will cost thanks to Phantasm of Void. When in a pinch, Cinderella can even banish herself and Zero to deal additional damage to opposing resonators, which is usually enough to clear off an opposing board and allows you to focus on taking the game back. Cinderella also has the ability to search for Deadman Prince, which can allow you to grab additional copies of Zero or Phantasm of Void that you may have already used, allowing you to continue pushing the game forward in your favor.


Finally, a great way to cash in on the cheap removal offered by clearing your opponents board is with Seth, the Arbiter. Seth will give you back an additional resonator for each one the opponent loses, allowing you to cycle through copies of Phantasm of Void and Zero and continue to grind your opponents resources. Seth also draws you a card for each card your opponent discards from hand, putting additional pressure against players who utilize cards like Grimm, the Fairy Tale Prince and Forty Thieves for additional consistency.E-MPR-097Zero is quite a potent card in any deck that runs dark colored stones, and with her two theme cards quite a bit of control can be exerted on an opposing player, shifting the game into your favor. I’m excited to see what others come up with using Zero and hope that this article was helpful in showing some of the interactions that are possible. Feel free to comment on the article to let me know how I did and how I can improve future articles.

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