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Here at Duel Kingdom we are always busy working on adding to and improving on the site. There are several ways we do this, the main ones being adding new product and better organizing the site to be more accessible. We’ve made great strides in both of these areas this month so I’d like to take the time to quickly highlight the changes.

First off, we added a lot along the ways of new product. From the latest Weiss Schwarz releases and pre-orders to our newly stocked accessories section, we are making sure to take care of your needs. We know that most of the value of trading cards come from trading (it’s in the name after all), which means you need to keep your cards sleeved and in a binder to prevent them from being damaged and to keep them looking presentable. To that end we have added a large selection of Ultra-Pro binders and sleeves, with more brands and varieties to come as time goes on. We are eager to please you with our ever growing inventory.

But what good is a large inventory if it isn’t easily accessible? We have taken this into thought when redesigning our menu system to be more user friendly. Now you can navigate to the exact product category you want without having to leave the homepage. You can even drill down to relevant sub-categories without any additional clicks (for example, our standard sized Ultra-Pro).But not only are we making the website more accessible, we are also launching additional shipping options, such as Xpresspost and Flat Fee Lettermail (for single cards only). With additional shipping options, we hope to be able to better accommodate you regardless of where you reside and how soon you need your product.

We have more plans to keep improving the site, and we don’t anticipate stopping any time soon. As always, if you have a product request or question, we are always willing to listen. Just visit our contact page and let us know.

Dylan Hunt

Product Manager at Duel Kingdom
Very passionate about the games he plays, Dylan is the one responsible for product writeups and pre-orders. He strives to always be up to date on the latest and greatest in TCG news.

Dylan also manages the day to day administration of the webstore and server.

He enjoys playing Yugioh, Force of Will, Caster Chronicles and Weiss Schwarz.
Dylan Hunt

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