Product News, October Edition

We are starting to approach the holiday season, and with that the flood of new products coming out to compete for your attention. We figured it would be a good idea to run through the upcoming product releases for each game so you can figure out what you are looking forward to.

For Weiss Schwarz, there is plenty to look forward to. Starting with the October 23rd release of the Log Horizon Extra Booster Box and Trial Deck.

Following up on its earlier success this year, Kantai Collection will be releasing a second Weiss Schwarz Booster box, under the title of  “KanColle 2nd Fleet“.

Rounding out this years Weiss releases, Love Live is coming back with a bang. Featuring a new Trial Deck, Booster Box and for the first time ever, a collector box set. Bushiroad will be releasing the new “Meister Sets” starting with Love Live. Each Meister Set comes contained in a beautiful themed box that can store up to 700 cards. But not only that, Each Meister Set product contains the following items:
-Rubber Playmat
-Exclusive PR card
-10 booster packs

Finally, what better way to celebrate a new year then releasing a set players have been anticipating for years? January will see the release of “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” to English Weiss Schwarz for the first time. With its own Booster Box, Trial Deck and Meister Set, Haruhi fans will be more then satisfied.

For Force of Will, various accessories are planned to be released in the coming weeks, including deck boxes, playmats and sleeves based on Arla, Valentina and Alice.

The Twilight Wanderer Booster Box will be released in December, bringing with it a wide variety of new strategies as well as support for old ones. For the first time, Force of Will will be allowing tournament stores to hold a pre-release event for the set. This is your only chance to get the special promotional cards and playmats, so make sure to check out our pre-release event.

Coming up on November 6th, the latest Yugioh set will kick off with the release of Dimension of Chaos. Featuring the impressive Black Luster Soldier – Super Soldier and the new Majespecters, Dimension of Chaos will be something you will not want to miss.

Right in time for the holiday season, Yugi’s Legendary Decks will allow duelists to relive the days of Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. Not only does it come with 3 decks from the king of games himself, it also comes with previously unattainable cards, including Glory of the King’s Hand, Set Sail for The Kingdom, and the Duelist Kingdom itself.

That’s it for upcoming products, make sure to keep an eye out for more news and events!





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