Caster Chronicles: Deck Concept – Karuta Club

Hey everyone, I’m making it my goal to try and build a deck out of each of the clubs featured in the latest set of Caster Chronicles, The Earnest Workers VS The Supreme Talents. This week I decided to do my interpretation of how the Karuta Club would work as a deck. This is by no means a completed list, but it functioned very well at our local tournament.

Since the main mechanic of Karata Club is to reveal talents in your hand, you want your deck to be heavily based around talents, and this also extends to your caster lineup. Out of your 16 casters, 11 are talents, and 3 are Princesa Jade allowing you to use dead cards in your hand as Silva (green) and run less casters overall. With the majority of your deck being Talent you are able to filter through your deck very quickly with Ryula Pentura, Spica and Papilla Marisco.

Since all of the Karuta Club have the unfortunate drawback of lethargy, we are aiming to summon the trump card of the archetype (Emperor Tenji) who is immune to this thanks to its enter that allows it to recover by revealing talents from your hand. Since Emperor Tenji can summon another Emperor Tenji which in turn will recover itself, this is a fantastic engine that will allow you to flood the board with servants quickly and turn the tide of battle.

The deck unfortunately suffers from Silva’s lack of break cards, and although Ono no Komachi has the break ability she also has Lethargy and is unable to protect you from aggressive attackers as a result. To help counter this we are also playing the Talent breaks cards from other colors in this set, entirely for the capability of defending against aggression with break. Rather than wait until turn 5 to play Tenji, we are focusing on using the incredible combination of Eternal Queen and Abbot Jien to play Jupiter as early as turn 2 with 5 counters (4 from the Eternal Queen and 1 from Jupiter’s enter ability). From there, you can immediately use Jupiter to play Tenji from deck, and by using all of the counters for the ability you can banish it and trigger the ability to play an angel from hand.


In terms of performance, the only 2 games I lost were due to not seeing any Silva Casters in one game and from Sherry lvl 2 taking control of my Michael of Diligence (It’s too strong for Emperor Tenji to defeat in combat).  Ultimately the concept is solid although the deck can certainly be improved.

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