Site Cleanup and Improvements

It’s that time again! We went through the sites back-end and completed several optimizations and improvements of the site that we are excited to share with you.

First on the list is a change in the way we handle displaying out of stock products.

Previously, when a product was out of stock there was very little difference in the way it was presented to you. Generally, the only visual difference was the text on the button under would change from “Add to cart” to “Out of Stock”.

Another thing we were aiming to improve was the use of the waitlist. If an item is out of stock you are offered the chance to sign up for our waitlist, which allows you to be notified by email when the product is back in stock. We also use this as an indicator that the product is in demand and that we should place a higher priority on restocking it then we normally would. Unfortunately, many visitors were unaware of this feature since they previously needed to visit the product page directly to be offered this option.

In an effort to make things more user friendly, we decided it would be better to have a quicker way to determine an item is out of stock at a glance. We have replaced the normal grayed out button with the option to join the waitlist, which features a bright red button that helps it stand out from the rest of the products.



Our next change was in the way of a refresh of the options available for filtering our catalog. For those who are unfamiliar, there are several options that can be selected from the sidebar to narrow down the choices presented on each page.

We decided to expand upon this to make things as easy to navigate as possible. There have been many new filter options added to each drop down menu, and the existing options have been reorganized. We also added the option to filter by card language to facilitate anyone shopping for foreign cards, such as our selection of Japanese Caster Chronicles cards.


Finally, we went through the sites back-end and cleaned up lots on old and irrelevant tags and categories. This should make the site run even faster and smoother then before.

That’s it for this update! As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us through our contact page or on Facebook.

Dylan Hunt

Product Manager at Duel Kingdom
Very passionate about the games he plays, Dylan is the one responsible for product writeups and pre-orders. He strives to always be up to date on the latest and greatest in TCG news.

Dylan also manages the day to day administration of the webstore and server.

He enjoys playing Yugioh, Force of Will, Caster Chronicles and Weiss Schwarz.
Dylan Hunt

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