January 2019 Store Update

Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since we have posted an update so we figured it was time to let you know what has been going on the last few months.

First off, we have been expanding our selection of products to include more accessories. This goes all the way from adding more of our existing line ups like card sleeves (welcome Dragon Shield!), to adding a new lineup entirely in the form of Dungeons & Dragons Unpainted Minis. We are still in the process of fleshing out these offerings, so if there is anything you want that we are missing, feel free to use the Request a Product page to let us know. We are committed to offering tons of new brands and products that compliment our existing products as well as opening the door to the new and exciting.

Speaking of new and exciting, we are in the process of expanding our physical storefront! The new store is necessary in order for us to accommodate our new range of products and larger in person events. We look forward to using this new space to serve you all better, and we hope to celebrate with our first event in the new space being our Strangers of New Valhalla Booster Box Tournament.

Things are pretty busy here for the time being, but we are planning on re-hauling and updating our single card buy lists. Many of these are out of date and will be updated accordingly. We are also planning on adding more sets for each game in order to accommodate increased demand, including recent demand for older cards. We have already taking the first steps by making the buylists easier to reach and navigate from the menu at the top of the site, and plan on completing the new versions of the lists in the coming weeks.

Finally, we updated the search bar on the site to be more convenient to mobile users. The search bar will now also populate with relevant search results without having to visit another page.

We are very exited about the changes the next few months will bring and look forward to the new year!

Dylan Hunt

Product Manager at Duel Kingdom
Very passionate about the games he plays, Dylan is the one responsible for product writeups and pre-orders. He strives to always be up to date on the latest and greatest in TCG news.

Dylan also manages the day to day administration of the webstore and server.

He enjoys playing Yugioh, Force of Will, Caster Chronicles and Weiss Schwarz.
Dylan Hunt

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