Alice Origin Set 1 Buylist

This is our buylist for Alice Origin Set 1. We will buy any card listed below at the given value in store credit. Please see us in store for more details.
Updated 01/14/2020

SKU Name Buying Amount Buylist Price
AO1-062FA Shakti, the Red Eyes Swords Master (Full Art) 8 $18.00
AO1-062 Shakti, the Red Eyes Swords Master 6 $16.00
AO1-007FA Izanami, the God of Life (Full Art) 6 $15.00
AO1-047FA Athena, the Guardian of Blaze (Full Art) 6 $15.00
AO1-059FA Light of Raze and Revive (Full Art) 8 $8.00
AO1-059 Light of Raze and Revive 8 $7.00
AO1-051FA Crossing Point (Full Art) 8 $3.50
AO1-056FA Ishtar, the Great Goddess of Kindness  – Stranger (Full Art) 6 $3.00
AO1-042FA Astema, the Fallen Angel of Desolation  – Stranger (Full Art) 6 $2.50
AO1-050FA Caduceus (Full Art) 7 $2.50
AO1-057FA Lamorak, the Third Knight (Full Art) 7 $2.50
AO1-065FA Twin-Adders Spiral (Full Art) 5 $1.50
AO1-024FA Fire Fox (Full Art) 5 $1.00