New Dawn Rises Buylist

This is our buy list for New Dawn Rises. We will buy any card listed below at the given value in store credit. Please see us in store for more details.
Updated 11/24/2018

SKU Name Buying Amount Buylist Price Rarity
NDR-002SEC Anubis, Administrator of the Hounds (Secret Rare) 4 $39.82 Common
NDR-001SEC Ophiel, Angel of Guidance (Secret) 4 $36.28 Rare
NDR-003SEC Karura, the Crow Tengu (Secret) 4 $23.89 Uncommon
NDR-041FA Arondight, the Nitrogen Blade (Full Art) 4 $4.42 Rare
NDR-003FA Balmung (Full Art) 4 $1.59 Uncommon
NDR-015FA Protection of the Angels (Full Art) 4 $1.59 Common
NDR-023FA Black Spot Tiger (Full Art) 4 $1.59 Common
NDR-033FA Osiris, Lord of the Afterlife (Full Art) 3 $1.59 Common
NDR-002FA Ayu, the Mysterious Wanderer (Full Art) 1 $1.59 Rare
NDR-017FA Skuld, Valkyrie of the Future (Full Art) 1 $1.59 Common
NDR-031FA Heaven Thundering Strike (Full Art) 1 $1.59 Rare
NDR-001FA Aratron, Angel of Knowledge (Full Art) 4 $1.40 Secret Rare
NDR-028FA City of Mirage, Sandora (Full Art) 4 $1.40 Rare
NDR-032FA Land of Fiery Ambition, Kunlun (Full Art) 4 $1.40 Uncommon
NDR-037 Shen Gongbao, Taoist of Kunlun 4 $1.40 Rare
NDR-042FA Forest of the Lost, Misty Woods (Full Art) 4 $1.40 Uncommon
NDR-045FA Invitation (Full Art) 4 $1.40 Uncommon
NDR-011FA Moonlit Paradise, Lunar Heaven (Full Art) 3 $1.40 Uncommon
NDR-018FA Spear of the Valkyries (Full Art) 3 $1.40 Common
NDR-030FA Explosion Wizard (Full Art) 3 $1.40 Uncommon
NDR-008FA Eir, Bringer of Destruction (Full Art) 2 $1.40 Common
NDR-010FA Light of the Moon (Full Art) 2 $1.40 Uncommon
NDR-027FA Chain Bind (Full Art) 2 $1.40 Common
NDR-029FA Desert Fennec (Full Art) 2 $1.40 Common
NDR-007FA Country of the Sun, Minerva (Full Art) 1 $1.40 Rare
NDR-034FA Sandstorm (Full Art) 1 $1.40 Rare
NDR-006FA Commander of Minerva (Full Art) 4 $1.19 Rare
NDR-035FA Scalding Breath (Full Art) 4 $1.19 Rare
NDR-004FA Blessing of the Sun (Full Art) 3 $1.19 Uncommon
NDR-012FA Och, Angel of Clairvoyance (Full Art) 3 $1.19 Rare
NDR-036FA Scorching Winds (Full Art) 3 $1.19 Rare
NDR-020FA Whispers of an Angel (Full Art) 2 $1.19 Common
NDR-039FA Venomous Scorpion (Full Art) 2 $1.19 Uncommon
NDR-040FA Wooden Ox (Full Art) 2 $1.19 Uncommon
NDR-013FA One Who Gazes at the Soul (Full Art) 1 $1.19 Rare
NDR-025FA Carrier Camel (Full Art) 1 $1.19 Super Rare
NDR-043FA Giant of Mist (Full Art) 1 $1.19 Rare