Raguelmon [BT9-080] [X Record] Foil

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On Play
Play 1 purple or yellow Digimon card with 6000 DP or less from your trash without paying its memory cost. If you have 1 or fewer security cards, you may play 1 level 6 or lower Digimon card with
or [Fallen Angel] in its traits from your trash without paying its memory cost instead.
[End of Your Turn] You may DNA digivolve this Digimon and one of your other Digimon in play into a Digimon card in your hand for its DNA digivolve cost.
Rarity: Rare
Number: BT9-080
Level: 6
Color: Yellow, Purple
Rarity: 12
Digivolve 1 Level: 4
Digivolve 1 Color: Purple
Digivolve 1 Cost: 5
Digivolve 2 Level: 4
Digivolve 2 Color: Yellow
Digivolve 2 Cost: 5
Digimon Form: Mega
Digimon Attribute: Unknown
Digimon Type: Unknown