The Fishermen of Catan

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For generations, the people of Catan have lived in an island paradise, surrounded by the peaceful sea. They have long known of the benefits of the sea: maritime trade has been crucial to their expansion since the beginning.

But recently they have discovered that the sea holds other bounty, ready to be gathered and used in the never-ending quest for expansion and trade.

About the game

The “fishery tiles” are placed on sea hexes with a free vertex that do not have a harbor. The fish tokens are placed face down beside the game board.

There are fish tokens depicting one, two, or three fish, and there is one fish token that depicts an old shoe. If the number of a fishery tile is rolled, each player who has a settlement adjacent to this tile receives one fish token. For a city, two tokens are awarded.

During the trade and build phase, you may use your fish tokens to gain certain advantages. The more fish you pay, the greater the advantage. For example, for 2 fish you can chase away the robber and for 7 fish you receive a development card.

If you are the unlucky fellow who draws the old shoe token, you must immediately reveal it. Now you'll need one victory point more to win (that is, 11 victory points in the Settlers of Catan Base Game). However, you may give the old shoe to an opponent who has the same or more victory points than you.