Arianna the Labrynth Servant [TAMA-EN017] Ultra Rare

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Set: Tactical Masters
Card type: Effect Monster
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Attack: 1600
Defense: 2100
If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can add 1 "Labrynth" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Arianna the Labrynth Servant". If another monster(s) leaves the field by your Normal Trap effect (except during the Damage Step): You can draw 1 card, then you can apply this effect. • From your hand, either Special Summon 1 Fiend monster, or Set 1 Spell/Trap. You can only use 1 "Arianna the Labrynth Servant" effect per turn, and only once that turn.