Force of Will: Judgment Day Tournament at Gamer’s Lair FAQ

Q: How much parking is available at the event? What does it cost?

A: The entire plaza the store is located in is covered in free parking spaces. There is enough parking for every person attending to be driving a car, with copious amounts of extra space.

Q: Can I register at the store?

A: You can register in store up until the start time of the event. We do however, recommend you pre-register here:
Please note that deck lists are due before the start of round 1.

Q: Will Taylor Prinz (Aono) be at the event? Will she sign my mat?

A: She will be present at the event, so feel free to say hi! If you ask nicely she may even agree to sign your mat.

Q: Is this event a GP? How many people will be attending?
A: Although this is a larger scale event then usual, it is not a GP and is not sponsored by the company. We expect anywhere from 30-50 people based on previous attendance from past Force of Will events.

Q: Will I be able to buy cards? Can I trade in my cards for store credit?
A: There will be a wide array of cards available for sale at the event, including a selection of sealed products. We will be taking trade-ins throughout the event, although we may defer them to times when the storefront is not extremely busy. If you intend to bring a lot of cards for trade-in, please ensure they are sorted in advance (by set and color if possible).
If you wish to view our cards before the event, you can do so at our website:

Q: Can I trade/sell cards to other players?
A: You may trade/sell cards to other players as you see fit, provided you do not interfere with the store transactions. Anyone found trying to disrupt the storefront sales will be asked to leave the event.

Q: Will there be side events?
A: At this time, there are no plans for side events. If there is a sufficient demand and free space, we may decide to run side events.

Q: How many days is the event?
A: The event is one day. Top cut will be played immediately after the swiss rounds have concluded.