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Trial Deck Vol. 5: Ninja Onslaught

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The Ninjas unleash their secret moves in Zanya Kisaragi’s BFE-TD05 [Ninja Onslaught] Trial deck! Strike from the shadows with all-new cards! A new version of Tsukikage appears with an all-new ability! This pre-constructed Trial Deck features the same cards that Zanya uses in the animation and comes with everything new players need to easily construct a <<Katana World>> Deck! Enhance the deck further with cards from BFE-BT02 [Cyber Ninja Squad] and BFE-BT03 [Drum’s Adventures]!

Product Specifications
  • Primary World: Darkness Dragon World
  • Contains 52 cards (fixed contents): 14 new types + 2 reissues + 1 flag card
  • 3 foil cards inside!

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