Gamer's Lair has been around for over 20 years. Although the business and industry has changed substantially in that time frame, we always make sure that we hold true to our core beliefs.


Our website is an extension of our in-store experience, and we try to make things as friendly and accessible as possible.

No Nonsense

We always try to offer you what you want, without unnecessary memberships or bundles. We also try to be as straightforward as possible with what you are buying and are always available to answer questions you may have. 


If you place a pre-order with us, we will make sure it is filled to the best of our ability. We make sure to not take pre-orders unless we are confident we can fill them and will always make sure to reach out to you and work on a solution if issues arise rather then cancelling your order.


Quality Inventory

Our sealed products are acquired from known vendors, not middlemen suppliers or sellers on eBay that don’t have it together. All of our sealed product is provided direct from the supplier so that you know you can trust it is in great condition and not tampered with.


All of our single cards go through several layers of quality checks to ensure they are in the desired condition. In the event that something makes it past us, we are always willing to work with you to make it right.


Experienced Staff

Our staff play the games we carry. That means we know what it is your looking for and can do our best to assist you with it, which means more time for you to spend with your hobby.


Fair Pricing

We believe that gaming is a hobby that should be shared with the world, and that it has true value that it offers to everyone.


We offer pricing that we believe is fair and sustainable so that we can continue providing you the products you love without having to nickle and dime you on limited or special releases. We won't sell a product at a price that we ourselves would be unwilling to pay if we were in your position.


Customer Service

Your time is valuable and so is ours. We make sure that we respond to any questions or concerns you have as quickly as we can through a variety of channels, such as over the phone, on Facebook and by email.


No one is perfect, and we believe that responding to issues as they arise is where good service really shows.  We always make sure that you are taken care of to the best of our ability, with the same level of quality and care we would hope to receive ourselves.