Changes to Single Card Lettermail

We have long believed that part of offering a great online shopping experience is offering flexible and affordable shipping options. Many of our customers are familiar with our most popular one, Single Card Lettermail (No Tracking, 10 cards or less) which has long been our most popular option for affordable shipping on small quantities of cards.

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of abuse towards this system which combined with long delivery times has led to us being forced to discontinue this option. To replace it we have created a flat fee shipping option for single cards, where you can have a your order delivered as a tracked package anywhere in Canada for the low price of $8.84 (plus your regional taxes).

We realize this isn't a perfect replacement, but this is the closest thing we are able to offer at this time. We will continue working with our shipping partners to try and arrange for even more flexible and affordable shipping options.

Thank your for your continued patience and understanding.

-Dylan Hunt,
Sales Manager, Duel Kingdom/Gamer’s Lair


Dylan Hunt

Dylan Hunt

I’m sorry you feel that way Gabe, unfortunately it’s not possible to continue offering the service.

We have offered it for over 3 years and it was not an easy choice to make, but there simply is no alternative to doing so.



This is a joke. Literally a garbage change

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