Gamer's Lair Proquest Results - May 21st 2022

Gamer's Lair Proquest Results - May 21st 2022

Dylan Hunt

We had a great day yesterday during the ProQuest event for Flesh and Blood. 23 Players braved the powerful storm that was hitting our city to try and take the crown of ProQuest Champion.

There was a large show of hero diversity this time, with the most popular hero only representing 26% of the playing field.


 Once the cut to top 8 occured, things remained interesting. Although Star of the Show was the most clear cut contender with 3 of the 8 slots, every other slot was occupied by a unique hero.

Ultimately the event was won by Shawn Dhaliwal, proving that Bravo is indeed still the Star of the Show.

We also had a very large game of Ultimate Pit Fight break out in the back of the play area while top 8 was underway.

A big thanks to everyone who came out to play!