Important Information Regarding Monarch

It has been a very bumpy ride the last few months. When we started carrying Flesh and Blood in July we had no idea the game would grow to the size it has. We have been very fortunate to see the potential for this game, and even then the level of  growth it has achieved is truly staggering.

Unfortunately, this has led to some growing pains when it comes to the distribution of product. Monarch is easily the most anticipated set to date, and the first edition set in particular has a limited print run and even higher demand from collectors. With supply limited we needed to come up with a fair way to allow all players access to the new cards at a price point that makes sense for everyone.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we are just one store, and even at one box per person there isn't anyway we can possibly fill the demand for this set single handedly. With this in mind, we have adapted our approach to better suite the needs of the Canadian Community at large.

Monarch First Edition

We will be committed to taking care of our customers. In particular we will be focusing on existing customers who have been with us since the beginning. those who bought Alpha boxes and cold foils before they achieved a cult status among collectors and investors. Each of these customers will be contacted directly regarding sealed product for the set.

We also recognize that not everyone knew about the game early on. and we will be focusing on our regular and repeated customers as well. These customers will also be contacted directly.

Where does that leave everyone else? We aren't capable of making everyone happy, and even our loyal customers won't be able to secure a large supply of sealed product. To that end, a large portion of our Monarch product will be opened and sold as single cards. This will ensure that players will have access to the cards they need to play, and collectors will be able to pick out which cards they need to fill out a collection. It will also ensure that sealed product is not hoarded and will be distributed to the player base fairly.

In summary: 

  • We will not be publicly holding Pre-Orders
  • Our regular and loyal customers will be contacted directly and offered a small quantity of sealed boxes to purchase as a thank you for supporting us
  • We will be opening a large portion of the sealed product for single cards so that everyone has fair chance at getting the cards they want
  • We will also be limiting sales of Monarch product (Sealed and Single Cards) to Canada during the release period to make sure the community is able to obtain the product

Monarch Unlimited

As for unlimited, we plan to offer this as normal. We don't believe in taking pre-orders anymore as they have had a very detrimental effect on the community over the last year, however in this case we will be making an exception to ease player anxiety. We will be offering a limited pre-order period for it after Monarch 1st Edition. More information on this will be posted as the date draws closer.

Rest assured, we have a very large supply of unlimited product. We will make sure the demand is met as much as we possibly can.

Overall this has been a very humbling experience. I appreciate the support everyone has given us and look forward to the future this game holds. I know that it is very tough dealing with limited supplies, however I have absolute faith the Legend Story Studios will be able to solve these issues in the long term.

-Dylan Hunt,
Sales Manager, Duel Kingdom/Gamer’s Lair

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Devin Mychan

Devin Mychan

Hi Dylan and team,
Thanks for the transparency regarding flesh and blood. I just found out about it and can’t believe how quickly it blew up so completely understand and will keep an eye out once product becomes available.

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