Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Set Release

We have heard a lot of hype and anticipation regarding the latest Pokemon set.

Unfortunately there has been a delay in shipping and receiving product from the Pokemon Company as well as our suppliers and as a result only the Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Elite Trainer Box has been received in time for the Friday release date.

We will have a certain amount of product set aside for our in person customers at our retail store, with the rest of the product being put on our website sporadically throughout the day. There is a strict limit of 1 per household to ensure everyone has a fair chance at obtaining the product.

You can signup for the waitlist online at this URL, however please be advised that the item will be in high demand and may sell out before you can click the link:

Even if you are unable to purchase any product this time, there will be several waves of the product from the manufacturer and we will stock as much as we can.

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